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On the 28th of April 2021, Verso team was hosted in Polygon Telegram to conduct an AMA [Ask Me Anything] session to present Verso services to the Polygon community.

Find here a summary of the main questions and topic discussed.

The initial announcement of Verso on Polygon:

Q1. Tell us something about Verso cashback wallet?

Verso is operating worldwide with many kinds of merchants in all countries in the world!

In India for instance you can get cash back when purchasing online on Myntra, Swiggy, Marks & Spencer, Bigbazaar, Aliexpress, OYO Hotels and many more. …

16th of March 2021: Verso now joins the Polygon network (previously Matic network) to strengthen the distribution of crypto cashback. Online purchases are rewarded with BTU cryptocurrency. With Verso mobile application now supporting the Polygon network, users will benefit from the instant transfer of BTU while earning cashback.

“Polygon network’s addition to Verso is significant as we are further promoting our iOS and Android app worldwide,” Hervé Hababou, co-founder of BTU Protocol said.

Vidal Chiriqui, creator of Verso said “We are excited to bring the Verso cashback application to Polygon scalability layer. …

24th March of 2021: Verso is a cashback application that rewards its users for their online purchases by giving them BTU cryptocurrency. BTU is a crypto that is ranked amongst the top 200 cryptocurrencies in the world.

Democratizing access to crypto

Verso aspires to make crypto accessible to everyone. With Verso, you can own crypto simply by opening up the app before making a purchase online.

Verso lets you earn cryptocurrency without having to share your private data. Upon launching the application for the first time, a wallet is automatically created on your mobile for you to earn your crypto.

17th of February 2021: Verso, the app that offers free crypto as cashback is launching in India. Earning crypto as cashback is the simplest way to become part of the future of money. Users discover crypto without any investment risks involved as crypto is received as free cashback.

Verso users receive free crypto as cashback. Unlike other cashback applications, the user keeps his privacy and does not have to share any personal data in order to receive his cashback.

Right after the cashback is credited to the Verso app, the user owns it. Users can transfer or redeem it without…


Earn crypto while eating, shopping or traveling

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